OOur Medjool crop on Novembre 2018


 Arab dates is an Egyptian company that  owns"Samarina farm" and produce Medjool and Barhi dates.
Over the last 15 years, the farm has become one of the largest private producers of dates in Egypt with 170 acres, 10000 palm trees, nearly 70 hectares of agricultural land.Our farm products are sold directly to Egyptian major supermarkets chains 

and the European markets.
 Arabdates business strategy is based on respect for the environment, commitment to a socially-responsible approach, food safety management and integrated expertise in production, packaging, logistics, sales, and marketing.

Arab Dates demands high standards, both in terms of the quality of its product and the conditions it is produced in, and carries out quality improvement projects on a continuous basis to ensure customer and consumer satisfaction.

The Arabdates Group is made up of two businesses with complementary activities:


-Arabdates ,the company in Egypt is responsible for production, packing, and sale inside Egypt and in the Middle East.


-MGS International Trading LTD, in Great Britain in London, overseas logistics, sales and marketing in the United Kingdom, and all around the world.

Our company is the leading grower and supplier of fresh Medjool and barhi dates in Egypt started to work seriously in 1999 the Medjool dates and Barhi dates farm in" Ismailia" governorate of Cairo Egypt.

Our family dates business company also expanded its activity to supply high quality of Egyptian Medjool and Barhi palms offshoots, and we are ready to provide expertise, and oversee the process of agriculture, as a guarantee of production in a period not exceeding three to four years.

Growing beside valuable experience dates supply market, put our customer’s satisfaction at a high level in comparison with other dates supplying companies. Exporting to the Far East, Malaysia, Singapore, Uk, Europe & CIS countries, are some parts of our achievements in fresh dates business.
Using modern packing line, careful quality control eyes, fast and effective logistic department in addition to competitive prices, has made us a reliable dates supplier company globally.


ARAB DATES company.