Our farm "SAMARINA"



We are the growers of Medjool and Barhi dates. Our farm "SAMARINA" in ISMAILIA Governorate, just 90 km away from Cairo, uses a high standard of know-how, and these operations grow their top dates to be sold to the discerning customers of ARABDATES.

 We do not buy this fruit from some other third party and try to resell it to you as a different grade for a higher price like some in the industry.Rather our dates are planted and raised here in our farm with attentive care.
With over 15 years of experience in growing and packing, we are certain that our grading standards exceed those of the industry. Our products are sorted and packed right here at our facility in our farm Samarina,  so we can keep a close eye on quality, and deliver that delicious freshness of Medjool and Barhi directly to you.