BARHI dates are originally from IRAQ and nicknamed "honeyballs"for their roundness and sweet taste.


Yellow, khalal Barhee dates are marketed on branches (strands) or bunches  .

The whole bunches are harvested (when the dates are fully yellow) and lowered to ground level, then hung on a carrier for transportation to the packinghouse. Green to greenish-yellow and ripe (rutab) fruits are removed from the branches before packing in 5 kg-fiberboard boxes for shipment to markets. These dates should be cooled to 0°C and transported under refrigeration (0-2°C and 90-95% relative humidity) to maintain their quality . Hydrocooling can be used to cool khalal dates to near 0°C in 10 to 20 minutes, depending on initial temperature, but requires effective disin- fection of the water and removal of excess


 Barhee dates harvested at the khalal stage and packed into styrofoam boxes on display at the wholesale market .



BARHI dates.