Packaging  unit .



Under the exact eyes of skilled and technically trained team  , we perform the most technologically advanced packing and storage facility in Dates industry. This unified process from orchard to box is connected with high quality control points to ensure that we export only the best and safest products to global markets. 

ARABDATES bears responsibility for sorting by hand, washing, drying, and packaging. During this process, we take care of each Medjool and Barhi date
 individually, taking into consideration all the highest standards of hygiene and food safety.


Medjool is harvested by hand, because of its extreme delicacy and sensitivity of its texture, it is sent, directly to the packing station, where it will be hand-picked again for the removal of dust and dirt.

 The dried fruit is sorted according to need and then taken to be packed. before it sorts by hand, where the fruit is checked again for size and packed according to the visual qualities. The fruit is either shipped or put in a freezer for storage.