Originally from Morocco, the Medjool was reserved for the royal guests and other dignitaries. Centuries later, in the 1920s, the disease threatened the existence of the Medjool Date in Morocco. This root disease was destroyed all Medjool trees. In an effort to save variety, Chariff of Morocco gave 11 immature palms in the United States. The United States quarantined these trees to ensure they do not harbor any disease. It is from these 11 palms, the industry has developed Medjool Date in what is today.


 While his name is  Majhool ,"unknown" in Arabic , but his reputation is international and known as "MEDJOOL". This oblong fruit, soft colors and redheads, has matured in the summer sun to transform smooth fusion bursting with delight the taste buds. Majhoul  dates are known and recognized at home and abroad. This very distinguished noble product is better compared to other varieties of dates . It can easily be called "date Royal " as used during important ceremonies . This variety of producers to attract national and global levels.

It has already been implemented in various countries of the world under the name of " Medjool " . These aristocrats dates have specific morphological and organoleptic characteristics, namely a weight varying from 16 to 22gr , much higher than other varieties of dates in the world. They have a light brown color , in the upper part , with which a specific dimensions of the length of 4 to 6.5 cm and a width of 2 to 3.5 cm . In terms of characteristics and chemical composition of the date Mejhoul . 

Majhoul dates are known for their nutritional value. They are rich in minerals, vitamins (especially carotenoids and vitamins of group B) , tannins and organic acids, but it is their sugar content makes it a food of choice , patience man from north africa and middle east , his enthusiasm for working the land and ingenuity were undoubtedly the decisive factors that helped to improve this majhoul noble variety, which modern research has so far failed to create the same genotype.

Hand picked these dates majhoul mature have a beautiful color and delicious taste . The label gives these dates majhoul exceptional value compared to other varieties  that always makes the most expensive majhoul and fruit preferred.

The history of Medjool dates.